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Why Our razors are safer than plastic multi-blades

Why Our razors are safer than plastic multi-blades


Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic, those stainless steel tools of mass and sharpness, are safer than your plastic razors.  Many of you know this, but many others are actually “intimidated” by our blades.  Don't be intimidated!  

Here’s the thing.  Plastic razor companies have gone through great lengths to make you believe DE safety razors are scary, but it’s just not true.  First a bit of deductive reasoning-- since I personally switched to the double edged safety razor I have cut myself less, in fact, only twice in a very long time compared to the regular nicks I’d get with plastic cartridge razors.  There’s a better reason for you to believe us though:  engineering.

But first, we must understand the history of the modern razor industry:  Multi-bladed cartridges came to be for a very silly reason: So Gillette could create product stickiness for it’s cartridges. By selling customers the Mach 3 handle, they were guaranteeing future sales of Mach 3 cartridges.  If you recall,  before the Mach 3 most people were buying plastic razors based on price-- Bic this month, Gillette the next.  Now then, Gillette had created a good business strategy, but it still needed people to buy its razor [*in many instances Gillette would actually give away the handles because they know the money is in the expensive cartridges].  How could it get people to do this?

By giving them more!  More what?  More blades.  And, it’s true that the Mach 3 shaved better than its plastic predecessor, but in plastic razors there is an inherent amount of error in the angle of the blade(s) in the cartridge.  With multi-bladed razors you get more angles that can at best be approximations for what is the best blade angle to cut hair at a given spot on your skin.  With a double edged safety razor there is no approximation because you are always holding the blade at the proper angle to your skin-- to, say, the specific curvature of your face at the specific time the blade is passing over that given spot.  This is why I have nicked myself very little with a double edged safety razor.  I used to always get nicks shaving with a plastic razor when crossing my jaw bone, and when going over a cheek mole.  Not anymore!  

There’s another reason safety razors are safer too.  The way you apply work to them.  With a plastic razor you must drag the razor across your skin-- an action that is inherently irritating and damaging.  With a DE safety razor you’re letting the weight of the razor itself do most of the work.  This yields a smoother cutting action, and less opportunity to cut oneself.  

To conclude, don’t be afraid of our razors.  They may look intimidating but have a blade guide and are easy to use.  You’ll have fewer nicks, healthier skin, and more money in your pocket!  Perhaps best of all, we’ll be eliminating plastic from shaving.
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