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News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones

News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones

News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones

Albatross Designs’ Trident Project is focused on conducting research and experiments in the hopes of better understanding and hopefully finding quick solutions to and/or threat mitigation strategies for today’s environmental issues.  The scope of the project is quite diverse with experiments ranging from marine biology to behavioural economics, and though it is sought to research all aspects of nature, special attention has always been given to the ocean by the Albatross team.  

To this end,  Albatross announces today the creation of a new permanent research trajectory for the team and commitment to conduct offshore and coastal research in the Gulf of the Farallones off the Northern California coast near San Francisco.  

The team is preparing for many multi-day trips to collect everything from plankton in order to study the effects of ocean acidification to water samples to measure plastic pollution.    

“Ocean Acidification issues have been on our minds for quite some time now,” says Andrew Lacenere, Albatross Founder, “We are excited to be a part of a leading effort in understanding the way ocean acidification will progress and what its effects will be upon society and the natural world, the natural balance of things in whole.”  

The team is working to close on an appropriate boat they have identified, and will be finalizing study plans and research partnerships with some of California's finest marine research organizations in the coming months.  Stay tuned for further updates soon.  

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